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Biomatrix International operates out of a 14,200 square foot production facility in Princeton, MN. The production floor and attached warehouse are temperature controlled to ensure microbial and hygroscopic ingredients remain viable while in the facility.

Utilizing top of the line stainless steel ribbon blenders for bulk production. Integrating automation with the use of two multi-purpose packaging lines combined with small scale drum mixing, Biomatrix International is capable of producing countless variations of products and packaging requirements.



      Biomatrix HQ  Princeton, MN




Quality Assurance

Quality is important at Biomatrix International. Our responsibility to customers and to the animals we help is what drive quality efforts. Extensive testing is done throughout the facility in all departments of Biomatrix International.

Some initial testing consists of using a Near Infrared (NIR) spectrometer along with comparison to retained samples of raw ingredients before entering the facility.

We do in-house testing utilizing BioLumix instruments to ensure purity. We incorporate certified third-party labs to conduct additional testing on finished goods to ensure quality guarantees are met.

Neogen ATP swabs are used and tested on production equipment to ensure no contamination after cleaning and switching between finished products.

Incorporating industry approved bio-security policies allows for us to hold our ingredients and finished product to the highest quality standards.


Organic Products

Biomatrix International is a MOSA certified production facility with experience in manufacturing any and all categories of organic product.

Acquiring natural organic ingredients from all over the world. Focusing on the proper procedures and requirements establised by the USDA ensure the quality of our organic products.

USDA Labeling Standards




Customized Formulation

Biomatrix International has an experienced Technical Services Department that understands the challenges facing customers throughout the agricultural feed industry. We have the tools to work with customers to find natural solutions to specific needs.

Relative to other companies in the industry Biomatrix International has the flexibility to adjust its focus and accommodate almost any request from our customers.

International Reach

Biomatrix International is a leader in importing and exporting a variety of natural ingredients and finished products.  We have a knowledgeable team familiar with the regulatory and transportation process’ and work to make it as seamless as possible.

Over the years our team has been establishing great relationships with our suppliers and customers from all over the globe.




Safe Feed, Safe Food
Good Manufacturing Practices, FSMA



Passionate About Excellence

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