Bringing Stability and Efficiency to Animal Feed with Our Patented Technology


BioMatrix International has long understood the need to standardize ingredients and their delivery in a wide variety of animal feed formulations. Standardization of ingredients is a high priority at BioMatrix as all natural products become more desired. The delivery of these ingredients is felt to be as important as the ingredients themselves. This delivery ensures that the components used in building gut health solutions reaches the areas within the digestive system where they will be effective. To do that, a patented technology was developed, and as a result, both stability and efficacy have been greatly improved.

BioMatrix focuses on combinations of essential oils, live bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, and complex sugars. We feel that these combinations of products influence differing aspects of the animal and together are able to improve performance and health.

Today, BioMatrix seeks out professionals with expertise in microbiology, poultry, swine, bovine, exotic animals as well as companion animals. To prepare for new governmental requirements dealing with the restrictions on use of antibiotics in animal feeds, BioMatrix has been conducting trials and demonstrations aside leaders within the industry to help find alternative solutions in traditional performance and production protocols.