We Take All Steps to Ensure Quality Assurance for Our Animal Food

Swab Quality assurance

BioMatrix’s quality department is headed by the quality assurance manager. Accompanying the manager is the quality specialist. We work to ensure products that enter and exit the building are tested to ensure conformity. When an ingredient enters the facility, it is moved to the quarantine area until a sight sample is taken. A Near Infrared (NIR) spectrometer is used to ensure the ingredient meets our specifications. After this is done, it is determined whether the ingredient is an allergen or not. If it is found to be an allergen, the ingredient is moved to one of the specified allergen holding area in the warehouse. Following this, a yeast and mold test as well as an enterobacteria test may be conducted, which is ran in-house with BioLumix lab equipment. Obtaining test results in-house generally takes 2–3 days; if sent out, the process is extended to 7–10 days.

All incoming ingredients as well as outgoing products are sampled to ensure quality. Labels are checked for accuracy before releasing to production. Ingredient quality standard forms are submitted for all ingredients. Annual audits are performed both internally, as well as by outside sources. Our state-of-the-art testing includes the BioLumix Instrument to ensure purity from contaminants, Neogen ATP swabbing for cleanliness of blenders, conveyors and packaging equipment (which has been implemented since 2012), and the NIR spectrometer to form a baseline for incoming and outgoing products. All samples are stored for a period of 5 years in the event of any product discrepancy. A certificate of analysis is assigned per customer and per product that we assay. Every product and ingredient that enters our warehouse must have a safety data sheet (SDS). All ingredients that pass our preliminary testing receives a QC approved sticker and finished product receives a QC pass sticker. Every pallet must be labeled with one of the corresponding stickers before it can be sent out or used in production. We reserve the right to reject any incoming products that do not meet our standard.

BioMatrix is certified Safe Feed Safe Food (SFSF) and embraces Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) guidelines.