Clean, Custom, and Natural Animal Food Production

forklift useManufacturing at BioMatrix coincides with the research and product development departments. The products developed by our technical staff are made in-house by the operations personnel, giving us a high level of flexibility. Because of this, we also have a much faster time to market with new and existing products than our competitors.

Our main production facility includes 3 production blenders, each equipped with liquid spray capability for applying agglomerating liquids or coating essential oils. 2 smaller mixers can be used to create premixes for larger production runs or to make smaller customized products for customers not needing large quantities of a specialized item.

BioMatrix features full production packaging lines, each being able to fill open mouth bags in a wide variety of sizes and weights; with weights of 20 kg, 25 kg, and 50 lbs being the most common. All bags are sealed using our dual stage hot air sealers. A third packaging line is being planned for 2016.

warehouseOpen mouth bags are not the only packaging that is available to our customers. BioMatrix has the capability to bag products into bulk sacks and package small batch microbial products into preformed flexible foil packs or rigid containers such as pails, all under one roof. Utilizing partnerships with approved vendors, BioMatrix can fulfill any sized project, from liquid to organic feed additives.

Stringent quality control procedures ensure that carry over of one product to another is non-existent. All production equipment is inspected for cleanliness and bacterial load prior to being put back into service.

The manufacturing floor and ingredient storage is environmentally controlled to ensure microbial and hygroscopic ingredients remain viable throughout the entire process. From the moment any product is received into our building, it is tracked through our inventory program, which ensures accuracy no matter the amount and no matter the unit of measure.