Protecting Livestock’s Digestive Health since 1997

MicroscopeSMALLMaintaining the health of the digestive tract or gut health is critical to sustaining digestion and absorption, no matter the species. A healthy gut is the first line of defense to pathogens. The complex ecosystem of bacteria within the gut support gut integrity and modulates immune function which protects the animal from pathogens. In a disease situation, the balance of beneficial bacteria is disrupted by the presence of pathogenic bacteria. This disruption in normal gut microflora is detrimental to the animal’s performance and immune function.

pigs livestock gut healthAt BioMatrix, we focus on ingredients that can support gut health, including probiotics (beneficial bacteria), prebiotics (food sources for probiotics), and essential oils. Our focus is also on the delivery of these products with our patented technologies that make sure the ingredients arrive at the location in the intestine where they will have the most impact.