The History of BioMatrix International: Providing Quality Ingredients for over 20 Years


biomatrix signBioMatrix International was founded by Dr. Guy Miller in 1997. He received his PhD in anaerobic microbiology from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

Initially established as a buyer and re-seller of all natural ingredients in the agricultural and companion animal markets, BioMatrix was one of the first companies to provide a strict standardization of certain raw materials by guaranteeing the active components of products. BioMatrix proceeded to emerge as the leading North American importer of Chicory Pulp and FOS from Europe.

BioMatrix International’s humble beginnings started out with an 8 cubic foot mixer and a 3,750 square foot building. The primary objective was to develop proprietary feed additive ingredients to span the agricultural and companion animal markets both internationally and domestically. Additionally, attention was devoted to identifying problem areas within those markets irrespective of species type. This was accomplished by perfecting production of blended products. BioMatrix soon outgrew this building; therefore, in 2007, the company purchased and moved to a new 14,200 square foot location in Princeton, MN. In just seven short years, this facility was again beginning to feel cramped. By the end of 2014, an expansion again took place to further the company. With this expansion, BioMatrix now totes a facility of over 23,000 square feet, including ample office space as well as 5 production mixers to suit a wide variety of batch sizes.

Today, BioMatrix International produces over 45 different products internally, which include (but are not limited to) patented technologies such as coating essential oils, BetaGlucan/Vitamin C combination, waste treatments, and a number of pending technologies. In addition to this, BioMatrix International also produces a line of organic feed additives and is one of the first companies within the United States to find novel uses for E. faecium and lactic acid additives for the pet industry with a longer term sustainable shelf life.

Due to the high success rate of these products, BioMatrix is becoming increasingly more involved in feed additive trials with some of the most profitable animal producers in the world today. Both past and present, BioMatrix continues to participate in such trials to determine cutting-edge technologies and components in today’s world of natural animal feed additives. Meanwhile, the company’s organic production, research, and development lab facilities, and quality analysis facilities are expanding to fulfill the growing needs of the industry. As these intricate trials continue to guide product development and research, BioMatrix will continue to develop and produce the highest quality natural organic feed additives. Striving to develop antibiotic free, all natural product has always been a priority for BioMatrix International, and through science and technology, we can use nature to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.


BioMatrix has a team of dedicated employees with extensive education, experience, and a driving desire to properly service its clients’ needs. Training is also offered in a number of different ways, both internally as well as externally in order to help properly seek out solutions to solve our customers’ animal issues and ensure the product is done with the highest level accuracy.